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Update, March 25 2019 - Ebook now available on Amazon!

1000 Castaways: Fundamentals of Economics
by Clint Ballinger. Ætiology Press, 2019.

Paperback forthcoming, 2019.


How Your Professor Should Have Explained

The Principles of Macroeconomics

But Didn't

It took over 9,000 years from the earliest human settlements to the dawning of modern states and modern banking systems circa 1500 AD.

It took several more centuries for the gradual appearance of reasonably accurate albeit sporadic descriptions of the role of states and banks in the creation of currencies and their profound roles of capital development and social coordination in both the public and private spheres.

This progress was briefly interrupted by an intellectual decline of Economics into a period of real-world irrelevance (1950-2000). However, led by a handful of pioneering economists, and not yet in classrooms or textbooks, earlier partial theories of the two coordinating systems of the macroeconomy were revived in the 1990s and then, more crucially, consolidated into a unified understanding of how real-world economies actually function. Economic understanding emerged into a Golden Age of which the present generation is in the exciting midst of.

1000 Castaways compresses this 10,000 years of economic development into several years and a society small enough to allow an illuminating overview, yet large enough to feature the institutions essential to modern economies. Centuries of economic thought are distilled for the reader to the essence of how the macroeconomy functions (and malfunctions).

About The Author

Clint Ballinger began his interest in economic development in the very long run while at The University of Texas at Austin. While there he worked with the World's oldest accounting tokens (Mesopotamian, 8000-3500 BC) under Denise Schmandt-Besserat and researched the development of both State and credit-money with a special interest in the debt-deflation work of Irving Fisher. For his M.A. in Political Science at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill he focused on modern uneven economic development, and went on to specialize in the interpretation of global econometric data for his PhD in Geography at Cambridge University.

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Macroeconomics, Economics, Economics Textbook, Macroeconomics Textbook Principles of Economics, MMT